Tips as a fresh graduate in the working society

The most important thing: Open your eyes and ears widely to listen and observe what your colleagues are doing.

Being a fresh graduate, you have to learn from the basics of all the basics. You must be willing to receive the work given to you, as it is a good learning ground and your attitude towards your workload would reflect well on your personality. – This is what I am being told. For me, I would be honoured when they entrusted me with any work because they believe that I would be able to finish it.
*Remember to always put in the best of your effort in your work.

Being a greenhorn, you have to adapt to the working environment at your company. Observe the different working styles of your colleagues and try to work well with them. Different people have different ways of doing things, so you just have to adopt your own way by learning the good working habits of others and avoid the bad working habits of others.

And of course, first impressions counts. It always does. This point has been emphasize millions of times from others, but it is a fact. So do well to impress your colleagues.

Listening to gossip is fine, this is to know more about the working environment. But never, join in the gossip. NEVER. I find that through listening to gossips, you would be able to learn more about a particular person/the organisation as a whole. It does help to know whose relationship is better with who, in order not to be caught in an argument or anything. This is one of the reason why I don’t dare to talk much in my first week of work. You never know who would get offended by your remarks. But when you have adapt to the working environment, it is always wise to speak up.

Frankly, I am fortunate to find the place that I am working currently. I believe the working environment is suitable for me to learn and grow. As I am still considered a young adult, going to be an adult (waiting for marriage and giving birth) yet I still remember how it felt like to be a child (student life- working hard to get good results). Hence, I fully understand when they tell me their problems in life.

One of my colleagues that is quite close, she says her daughter wants her to go home early to accompany her. Even if it was only a few hours earlier. I understand that because as a teenager myself, I would always wish that my mum would be home early to accompany me. It was probably the feeling of loneliness. So I understand completely when she said her daughter wants her home early. I even hoped that there was something that I could do!

Well, a few of my colleagues told me about their child birth conditions and about breastfeeding and things that goes along the lines of it. Apparently, after giving birth to a child, you are not suppose to bath/shower for a month or so. It is supposedly bad for your body because your body is weak after childbirth.

I have heard so many interesting stories that I can’t finish telling them. But I promise I will keep updating you!

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