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SMRT breakdown

Yes, I believe that the SMRT breakdown created such inconvenience in the past few weeks that it would be tough for Singaporeans to forget. First, the news of the taxi hike. Then the breakdown of MRT service during peak hours on 15 Dec 2011. “The disruption affected 127,000 passengers including 1,000 trapped in each of the four trains that stalled.” – these passengers were trapped inside for more than an hour.

Frankly speaking, they could have done a better job in informing the commuters that the trains are unavailable. Because this would affect the commuters’ decision in taking which transportation. As commuters, being uninformed would create great inconvenience like being late for a meeting with a friend.

Yes, the world has evolved where people of these generation like to have information on their fingertips in order to save precious time. These incidents has created resulted in SMRT to create a twitter account: @SMRT_Singapore

Most of their tweets goes “Trains are travelling smoothly today” – Good improvement but is that what commuters really want?

I keep on thinking why didn’t they think about social media to communicate their news early – before such things happened? Maybe it might be too much work for the corporate communications department, but it was essential. Essential to let commuters know whether they should ‘leave earlier for work’, in order to reach work on time.

Likewise, the traffic police should also have a twitter account – to let us know about the traffic conditions on the road. Especially since I experienced once that my bus had to stop as a tree branch fell and block both sides of the road. It took me about 30 mins to walk home.


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