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Smart phones brings the rise of social media

As everyone knows technology is evolving quickly in this generation, sometimes it is just too tough to keep up with the times. Social Media itself is being integrated into our daily lives that we cannot do without updating our social presence in Facebook and Twitter.

Especially with the promotion of iPhone 4G. Almost every household has at least an iPhone. With the iPhone, you would be able to update your social presence with ease – anytime and anywhere. You can upload photos of your latest happenings in the matter of minutes, so that your friends will be able to know what you have been doing. This allows people to update their social presence more frequently as updating your social media presence is just a finger-click away. Don’t you agree that more people are using the social media via their smart phones?

Personally, I like social media because it helps to share information quickly and accurately. For example, if you were trying out a new restaurant and need reviews about it from your friends. Your friend would be a more reliable source as they would be more frank in their reviews. And if you need tips on places to go for shopping deals as your friends would have the same taste and it would be more timely as compared to finding these information online.

Furthermore in the near future, the OpenNet (Fibre Broadband) would allow everyone to access online anywhere. The world is evolving, smart phones are necessary in people’s daily lives.

I realised that young kids are adapting to these technologies, they would use their parent’s iphone to play with games. Not like my childhood where we used to play the gameboy/board games/card games. Most kids probably started getting a handphone when they are barely 5 years old. Some people might be envious of these young kids, but I think they are missing out on their precious childhood and having a handphone from young can lead to complications.

Well, I wish the world would slow down, technologies and social media would not evolve too quickly.


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The wise use of Twitter coming from a not-so-wise person



What the reason that you started tweeting?

For networking? Because everyone is on twitter?

With the evolution of technology, social media plays an important part in your life.  No matter for work (business), entertainment or just to connect with your friends.  Social media has become essential in daily life and is a tool used to market yourself.

My reason for tweeting:

Initially, the reason was it would be graded into my course requirement. When I started out, I was clueless about what twitter was used for. I had this concept that tweetples would tweet incessantly about mundane happenings in their life.

This was my thoughts till Stephie Tan -fashion nation blogger (@stephietan), guest lecturer for one of our NCT (New Communication Technologies) lecture shared with us about her experience in social media. Why her? As she is a frequent user of Twitter, established writer of fashion nation which lead to freelance writing on various magazine and she owns her own online shop.

Stephie Tan

stephie tan (not my image-not our lecture too)

She told us “Everything that is shared on the social media can be tracked upon” so nothing is safe online.  So you need to be careful of what you post. Also she shared with us how she gets followers, “the topics that you talk about interests the followers” Therefore you must find your interest, then people would be enticed to follow your tweets.

With her sharing, I felt more inspired about the direction for my tweets and I began to understand more about twitter and the reason for tweeting.

Hence, my reasons for tweeting became:

  1. To connect with friends or family members or people with my same interest
  2. Sharing information with others

Hence the tweetples actually knows information faster than a person who reads the daily news. As information is being retweeted to their followers, it is being spread throughout twitter community.

And how should you go about tweeting? This is the simple way of what I learn:

1. Plan your tweets:

What you want to tweet about and what is your purpose for tweeting. It could be because you wanted to share the information, or you want an opinion about something.

2. Execute your tweets:

Considering what time would be the perfect time to get all your followers to read it and the way you want to phrase your tweets to make it interesting. You should also take into consideration whether you should retweet what you have tweeted (in order for better reach and frequency)

3. Learning from your tweets

It is very important to learn from your tweets in order to improve your tweets. Take notice of what interests your followers. Learn from how others write their tweets, how they manage to spark others’ interest.

4. Optimising your tweets

After learning, you have to measure whether it reaches out to your followers. Or else tweak the way you tweet about things – giving a different angle.

No matter what, you must always dare to try on the social media.

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Voice over Internet Protocol

For his week’s NCT tutorials we learnt to use different media tools that everyone commonly uses. Social tools that we must have basic knowledge of. Like Skype use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP),the cost is apparently cheaper than using regular telephone calls. So this is a really good way to save money!

What’s  more, the costs of VoIP are lower because it is billed per megabyte (MB) whereas telephone calls are billed by the minute or second. I find this information interesting as it shows the difference between technologies now and in the past. Imagine the cost to calls overseas, but now you don’t have to take it into consideration as the cost is so cheap!

I can totally imagine that in the near future our phones will change to use VoIP, as the costs are SO much cheaper. However in emergencies, the phone cannot use VoIP so it will have to be merge of what the phone has now.

Singapore needs to keep wireless@sg, so people can use VoIP. But as you know it, wireless@SG is not stable, sometimes you can go on or off. Of course, the phone bills would have to go down, but there would be challenge between the three TelCos as to how low they would go!

Here is a video to tell you more about VoIP:

I love wikipedia because it is convenient to find all your needed information in one place. Here is more about VoIP. Benefits of VoIP is obviously its operational costs and its flexibility. The disadvantages about using VoIP is it is susceptible to power failure and it cannot be used in emergency calls. So handphone are useful in such situation!

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Steps to being a professional ‘stalker’

Patricia Law from Ogilvy PR was our distinguished guest lecturer for this week! Follow/ “stalk” her at @patlaw!

She shared with us her daily schedule on social media as a profession. She has to do media monitoring for her clients, which makes her read up to 400 Google Alerts per day. Astonishing fact.

She also gave us websites which she visits to track what is being said about a topic. This is important as we need to know what others are talking/complaining about us (brand/product), it is free feedback for us to further improve ourselves to satisfy others.

I shall list all the websites down at the bottom as it would be great to share the love with others as well!

Social Machines

cute social icons

Social Machines is the terms used for connecting everyone through the internet to express ourselves. Handphones, Laptops and iTouch allows you access to internet easily and is portable.

Hence we have websites like Digg, Delicious, Flickr and StumbleUpon.

This website use the wisdom of crowds when you like the story you will digg it so others can see it, if you do not like it you can bury it. ^^


delicious social bookmarking

delicious social bookmarking

You can store your URLs, personal comments and descriptive tags in order to identify the web page that you want to find later. This is especially good for research. As when you research, you tend to forget which web page has which information. Wished that I learnt it earlier, it would have made my life easier.

delicious bookmarks

delicious bookmarks




This is a photo-sharing site that allows you to add descriptive words, or ‘tag’ to photographs to make it easier to find for later.



StumbleUpon website

I will find it fun when I am bored, because you never know what type of website is next. Hence the excitement for using this. ^^

As promised:

Interesting websites to check out:

Daily updates about a topic, should try these: PBWIKI, Netvibes, Google Reader (love this), Google Alerts, Alltop, Technorati,

Social bookmarking (one that I highly recommend to use): Delicious

Topics that bloggers talk about: Google Blogsearch, Icerocket, Ping, Blogarama

The one-stop-shop(s) for specific words: Daymix, Whostalkin, Social Mention (recommended!), Monitorthis, BoardTracker, Omgili

Tracking topics on Twitter: Wefollow, Tweetizen, MrTweet, Twellow, Muck Rack, Media on Twitter, Twitterfall

Evaluating An Influencer: Tweetica, Twitalyzer, Twitter Grader, Alexa, URLFan, Compete,

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Facebook and its uses

For this week’s tutorial, we learnt about the uses of Facebook. Other than the common use of posting your photos, links and videos. For me, I use to Facebook to kill time by playing a few out of hundreds of games they offer.

Facebook has pages and groups which has different uses for different purposes. Pages is meant for big organizations, brands, bands, movies or celebrities who wants to interact with their fans or customers without a personal account. My friend’s brother actually set up a page for his band and I have to say that it is really annoying to get the messages from them. As you see it in your Facebook account as well as your personal email address. And honestly I am joining out of politeness.

This is one of the reasons why you should never spam your wall or your twitter account. People get annoyed after awhile and would eventually turn off the information that you are sending. Exception is if the information is interesting. Something that has substance – as @stephietan says.

Whereas Groups are great for organizing on a personal level and for smaller scale interaction around a cause. Like what we did for our anti cyber-bullying campaign. “Online Attack, Offline Impact” – what you do online would impact others in reality. Click here to see our group and join it if you like!

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Guest lecturer – Stephie Tan!

The first thing I heard when I reached the lecture theater was that there was a guest lecturer coming in at 10am. Well, surprise surprise. It shocked me to know that it was stephie tan, who is a fashion nation blogger. Check her out here. Or add her at twitter: @stephietan.

I really love the style of her writing, as seen in fashionation and her own blog called stephiesays. Because of her writing, she managed to get a lot of freelancing writing jobs without asking for it. What’s more is she can do the things she likes and yet get paid! The kind of life I would love.

Have to say I was shocked that she would specially take time out to share with us how she uses social media to her advantage. She may not be as famous as Xiaxue but she is humble and is willing to take time to share with us her success.

I liked her points that she mentioned in lecture, that you might not know who is following you so you should not offend the person. After you don’t know if your parents are stalking you online. I am totally safe in that area, my mum doesn’t use the computer, she doesn’t know ANYTHING about social media. Except for facebook account which my cousin showed to her. But she doesn’t know how to login on her own.

Also you need to talk about things with substance, the topic must be interesting to sustain your reader’s interest. This makes me think about my interest and how this might help me in my near future.

I have to say that I was greatly inspired by what she says and I will put in more effort to do well in my social media, though it is still quite mind-boggling with the amount of research done to back up your information. Social media allow you to reach/communicate with your friends as well as people that you do not know. Also it is networking and understanding people’s interest. Though to utilize it fully to your potential, you will need to be known for something.

This gives me a lot to think about already. Pondering.

Professional Preparation Class

our rep, andris!

our rep, andris!

The one with the ‘leopard’ prints, though it looks more like black  with white spots. But hey, more points for being so fashionable right? LOL. Her hair had the rubber band style, the idea is London from American’s Next Top Model Cycle 12.



If you watched ANTM (American Next Top Model) you would have seen her. I liked her out of all the other models in this season because I believe she has potential to make it to the top three! ^^

Anyway, Andrea did a spoof of Ris Low, the ‘Miss Singapore’ of the way she spoke. It was really classic! ^^



Here’s the video that is going to make everyone laugh…

And what I found what was our famous Phua Chu Kang doing a spoof on her:

Which do you like better? The spoof or the original? ^^ I really can’t decide. HAHA!

Just updated: 4th November!

I also just spotted a spoof of ris low on the mrbrown show that is a vodcast using “So Hot” from WonderGirls.

Have fun viewing all the videos!

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