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The wise use of Twitter coming from a not-so-wise person



What the reason that you started tweeting?

For networking? Because everyone is on twitter?

With the evolution of technology, social media plays an important part in your life.  No matter for work (business), entertainment or just to connect with your friends.  Social media has become essential in daily life and is a tool used to market yourself.

My reason for tweeting:

Initially, the reason was it would be graded into my course requirement. When I started out, I was clueless about what twitter was used for. I had this concept that tweetples would tweet incessantly about mundane happenings in their life.

This was my thoughts till Stephie Tan -fashion nation blogger (@stephietan), guest lecturer for one of our NCT (New Communication Technologies) lecture shared with us about her experience in social media. Why her? As she is a frequent user of Twitter, established writer of fashion nation which lead to freelance writing on various magazine and she owns her own online shop.

Stephie Tan

stephie tan (not my image-not our lecture too)

She told us “Everything that is shared on the social media can be tracked upon” so nothing is safe online.  So you need to be careful of what you post. Also she shared with us how she gets followers, “the topics that you talk about interests the followers” Therefore you must find your interest, then people would be enticed to follow your tweets.

With her sharing, I felt more inspired about the direction for my tweets and I began to understand more about twitter and the reason for tweeting.

Hence, my reasons for tweeting became:

  1. To connect with friends or family members or people with my same interest
  2. Sharing information with others

Hence the tweetples actually knows information faster than a person who reads the daily news. As information is being retweeted to their followers, it is being spread throughout twitter community.

And how should you go about tweeting? This is the simple way of what I learn:

1. Plan your tweets:

What you want to tweet about and what is your purpose for tweeting. It could be because you wanted to share the information, or you want an opinion about something.

2. Execute your tweets:

Considering what time would be the perfect time to get all your followers to read it and the way you want to phrase your tweets to make it interesting. You should also take into consideration whether you should retweet what you have tweeted (in order for better reach and frequency)

3. Learning from your tweets

It is very important to learn from your tweets in order to improve your tweets. Take notice of what interests your followers. Learn from how others write their tweets, how they manage to spark others’ interest.

4. Optimising your tweets

After learning, you have to measure whether it reaches out to your followers. Or else tweak the way you tweet about things – giving a different angle.

No matter what, you must always dare to try on the social media.


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