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Smart phones brings the rise of social media

As everyone knows technology is evolving quickly in this generation, sometimes it is just too tough to keep up with the times. Social Media itself is being integrated into our daily lives that we cannot do without updating our social presence in Facebook and Twitter.

Especially with the promotion of iPhone 4G. Almost every household has at least an iPhone. With the iPhone, you would be able to update your social presence with ease – anytime and anywhere. You can upload photos of your latest happenings in the matter of minutes, so that your friends will be able to know what you have been doing. This allows people to update their social presence more frequently as updating your social media presence is just a finger-click away. Don’t you agree that more people are using the social media via their smart phones?

Personally, I like social media because it helps to share information quickly and accurately. For example, if you were trying out a new restaurant and need reviews about it from your friends. Your friend would be a more reliable source as they would be more frank in their reviews. And if you need tips on places to go for shopping deals as your friends would have the same taste and it would be more timely as compared to finding these information online.

Furthermore in the near future, the OpenNet (Fibre Broadband) would allow everyone to access online anywhere. The world is evolving, smart phones are necessary in people’s daily lives.

I realised that young kids are adapting to these technologies, they would use their parent’s iphone to play with games. Not like my childhood where we used to play the gameboy/board games/card games. Most kids probably started getting a handphone when they are barely 5 years old. Some people might be envious of these young kids, but I think they are missing out on their precious childhood and having a handphone from young can lead to complications.

Well, I wish the world would slow down, technologies and social media would not evolve too quickly.


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